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Self Catering: Cornerstone Flat

St Helena

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St Helena - Harris's Guest House

About Cornerstone Flat...

"Many, many thanks for a very special stay..."

"Thank you so much for all your hospitality & gifts..."

*7 Night minimum Stay* Cornerstone Flat is a self-catering property and an alternative to Jamestown hotels owned and operated by Audrey and Bert Constantine. Accommodations belonging to the couple have hosted hundreds of people down through the years. With so many visitors coming from all over the world to stay in their properties, this is a real testament to their commitment to providing quality hospitality; also to St Helena's ability to draw fascination from all corners of the globe. Many of their

guests have become friends. Audrey and Bert began their journey into providing accommodation about 20 years ago after they decided to repair a number of ruins in an effort to conserve the buildings around Maldivia House - their main residence. Having completed works on some, they wondered how they might make use of the refurbished buildings. 


Upon your arrival you can expect fresh-cut flowers from the garden and a nice cup of tea in Audrey's kitchen. Then, a chat about the happenings on St Helena after which you'll be shown to Cornerstone Flat which is 10 seconds walk past the plantation! 

The plantation snakes its way up through James Valley for over half a mile set against a background of nature's silence, interrupted only by the sound of St Helena's many birds. Depending on the season, it is possible to pick bananas, guavas, mangoes and avocados right off the trees.


Bert runs a number of tours using his own minibus where the topics range from Napoleon to general sightseeing. Bert also likes to provide bespoke experiences according to the preferences of his guests.

What People Have Said...

"Many, many thanks for a very special stay. I will remember my time here with great affections..."

"Thank you for a wonderful stay! You have a lovely place on a beautiful island!"

"Thank you so much for all your hospitality & gifts. It's been a wonderful time here and we really enjoyed it..."

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