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Stay at the Quaint and Exquisite Harris's Guest House on St Helena Island

Have you ever wanted to escape to a secluded island without giving up the comforts of home? Then the welcoming Harris's Guest House on St Helena Island is the getaway you've always dreamed about.

It represents the best of both worlds. An exciting and beautiful holiday spot while still retaining all of the wonderful things you love about being at home. More than that, it leaves you with cherished memories you'll never forget.

Still uncertain about this island retreat? Keep reading to learn all about what it has to offer you!

Warm Hospitality

The best thing about Harris's Guest House are the owners themselves. Irene and Donald Harris have run their famous little guest house for almost 20 years now and with great success.

The two of them work together to make a home away from home for all of their guests. Irene heads the main house while Donald takes care of all your culinary needs.

Their warmth and hospitality make it feel as though you're staying with beloved relatives, rather than a faceless hotel.

It's a unique experience that most of us don't think about when going on holiday. But why give up these simple comforts in exchange for an amazing trip?

When you stay with Irene and Donald, you'll get an amazing experience from start to finish.

Delicious Regional Food

Taking the time to enjoy a whole new world goes right along with the food offered at the Guest House. Chef Donald's menu is full of all the best dishes you could ever want, all with that special flair you can only find at St Helena.

Roasted pork with crackling and stuffed tuna. Fish cakes and succulent chicken dishes. Every meal is the result of years of experience, cultivated for perfection. Fish is in great abundance on St Helena, so make sure to check out the fish dishes for the freshest food around!

When you book your room at the House, you'll get to choose whether you'd prefer full or half board throughout your stay. Plus, you'll get to choose the courses you want from the menu, all catered to your desires.

If you have any dietary needs, Donald and Irene are more than happy to accommodate any necessary changes. 

Experience a Unique World

Being a small and secluded island means you'll hear the music of crashing waves at every turn. It makes for a beautiful backdrop as you take in the rest of the unique sights all around you.

Sparkling oceans and craggy green mountains make up most of the beautiful landscape. You'll never tire of their exquisite beauty and the interesting effect volcanic eruptions have had on the island over the years.

Because it is so secluded, there are many species of plant and wildlife on St Helena that you'll never see anywhere else. Enjoy the sights of the bright green of Black Cabbage plants or the soft delicate petals of St Helena Ebony.

Head over to Deadwood Plain and try to spot the Wirebird, the same bird featured on the island's flag. It's something every visitor should strive to see during their holiday on the island.

And it's not only on land where the unique critters live. If you enjoy diving or boating, get ready for new fish to watch. The St Helena Wrasse almost seems to glow green in the water, and the St Helena Damselfish looks like a fish made of stone.

You'll never have an experience quite like the one you'll have here on St Helena Island.

Many Local Attractions

On top of all the unique vegetation and wildlife, there are numerous attractions to entice you as well.

Explore monuments and museums that explain the history of the island and its ties to Napoleon. Look around in local shops filled with treats and souvenirs made with native St Helena craftsmanship.

Bask in the stained glass colours of St James's Church or find out if your family has ties to the island with the help of The Archives. There's both a national park and an observatory that make full use of the isolated location.

There's never a dull day when you stay at the Harris's Guest House. You'll always have something to bring enjoyment to your holiday.

Adventures at Every Turn

If you long for excitement and something a little more physical, don't worry. St Helena has an abundance of adventure potential.

There are numerous hiking and diving areas, each boasting their own unique flair and challenge.

There's the Millennium Forest to hike through or Deadwood Plain to learn about. And when you're surrounded by crystalline oceans, you'll never run out of diving possibilities.

Looking for something even more thrilling? Climb up old Jacob's Ladder for one of the best views of Jamestown and the oceans below. With 699 steps and history starting way back in 1829, there's nothing quite like reaching the top of this special place.

Although the island is smaller than most popular holiday retreats, St Helena doesn't hold back. There are so many things available to see and explore, you'll find yourself wanting to go back for more as soon as possible.

Cheaper Alternative

It's not only the warm welcome you get at Harris's Guest House. It's also the fact that you get a top-notch experience, all for less.

It's hard to say no to the exchange of hospitality, comfort, and experience all for a reasonable price.

Who wouldn't want to have one of the best holidays possible while keeping a full purse at the same time?

Harris's Guest House, St Helena - A Home from Home

Find a Home Away From Home On St Helena Island

With all of these qualities put together, staying at this homey guest house is the best way to experience St Helena Island.

Why give up the exquisite comforts of home when you go on holiday? With Harris's Guest House, it feels more like an extension of your own home rather than an unfamiliar hotel.

If this sounds like the perfect holiday, then what are you waiting for? Contact us today for more information!

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