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About Wellington House...

"I don't know an English hotel that hasn't something to learn from you in the matter of welcome, comfort and cuisine."

"I have been charmed by your hospitality and delighted by your friendliness..."

Ivy's husband - Philip - once caught a 500 lb black Marlin single-handed. It was 15 ft long with a tail span of 4 1/2 feet. He tussled with it for 3 hours before he managed to fasten it to the side of his boat to bring it ashore.

It's huge head and strange snout will greet you when you enter Wellington House. The St Helenian authenticity and old world charm doesn't stop there.


Ivy Yon (who owns and runs Wellington House) is self-effacing but diligent. Beneath her warmth lies a powerhouse of St Helenian hospitality. She says she gets satisfaction out of cleaning. I believe her too. The polished Burmese teak floors of Wellington House gleam and squeak under foot with palatial confidence.


One of her favourite jobs is cleaning windows she says. Her least favourite is ironing. But she will do it and, she will "do it as it's supposed to be done" she admits happily.


Wellington House is an alternative to Jamestown hotels located right in the heart of Jamestown. Looking through the Wellington House guest comment books (and there are many), admiration from guests for Ivy's home cooking shines through. On this subject, she says much is owed to her mother who insisted she just "watch and taste." There was never a mention of "a teaspoon of this and a quarter teaspoon of the other." She just had to pick it up as she went along.


Most of her meals are "St Helena cooking" which she says are British foods with a "twist" which for Ivy means chili.


The business was started in the very late 50s by her parents but then took the form of Yon's cafe. The house was later purchased from a cousin. And Ivy worked alongside her parents from the mid-70s after leaving school.

What People Have Said...

"Your kind hospitality has helped to make this week one of the most memorable in our lives..."

"St Helena and Wellington House...the nearest I will get to paradise on earth..."

"We could not have asked for nicer accommodation. This is a lovely place with lovely people!"

St Helena Island Info estimates Wellington House may have been built in the late 1730's, on the site of Sessions House which the website says collapsed on 2nd January 1735.

All available rooms are located on the 1st floor of Wellington House (1 above ground) and are twins. All washing facilities are located on the 2nd floor and are comprised of 2 bathrooms with (toilet, bath and wash basin), 2 separate shower stalls, 2 toilet stalls and 2 wash basin stalls.

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