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"You is Saint...?"

 St Helena

Saint dialect is as unique as the islanders who speak it. Their hard-fought history and remoteness have left them hardy but humble. St Helenians are also an unusually warm people which is why the island is seen by many visitors as a sanctuary for peace and hope. The often remarked upon smile-and-wave (as they pass in their cars) and, their prolific street greetings, have come to symbolise their rare community spirit.

On leaving St Helena then, it'll be the islanders' endearing kinship - rarely found elsewhere - which may have left the greatest impression. Like those who have come before you, you'll be reminded of how it feels to be safe. And to belong.

Deggy playing the squeeze box in Half Tree Hollow.

(Credit: St Helena Tourism).

About St Helena

About St Helena

St Helena is an island of contrasts. In its compact 122 square kilometres, the lush interior descends swiftly outwards from a high cloud forest into a low-lying deep-cut panoramic moonscape of majestic rock forms. Beyond the drama of plunging outcrops and guts, an endless horizon line melds with an infinite sky. A once solemn witness to St Helena's historic role in the Middle Passage, this azure canvas performs a spectacular slow dance of clouds and sunrays. Their fleeting forms seem to emerge from the genius brush strokes of the Old Masters at all points on the compass.

In nature, during your alone moments, it's easy to feel like a first settler in the 1500s, wrapped in isolation. Rapt in awe and wonder.


With the hustle and bustle of far-off worlds painted from the senses; at last the inquisitive mind is free to unravel an island of delightful characters, absorbing history and enchanting contradictions. 

St Helena National Flag

What to do...

If  ecology and conservation focuses your mind, St Helena will stir your emotions. The island boasts over 500 species not found anywhere else on the planet. Also, when it comes to the Boer War, slavery and Napoleon's incarceration you'll be left bewitched by the long arm of history. And even if your appetites are a little less specialised, the island has much to offer the intrepid explorer looking to hike, dive, jet-ski or snorkel with whale sharks. Then when you're done, you really should pop along and say hi to Ivy, Raymond, IreneDebbieGarry or Gary!!


We have curated a selection of 19 videos for you to indulge your senses and inspire your longings. They cover St Helena's people, conservation, ocean and land.

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