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St Helena

Hotel Bookings

Conditions of Use

The Conditions of Use taken together with the Conditions of Booking found here, (together "the General Terms & Conditions") apply to all our Services irrespective of how they are accessed.


By accessing and using our Services and/or by making a booking or reservation, you acknowledge and accept that you have read, understood and agreed to the General Terms & Conditions. reserves the right to alter and amend the General Terms & Conditions at any time.




"St Helena Hotel Bookings", "us", "we" or "our" means the business trading as operating within the legal jurisdiction of St Helena which is a British Overseas Territory. Our trading address is at: Cedar Vale, Thompson's Hill, St Paul's, St Helena STHL 1ZZ.


"Platform" means the website found at whether accessed by laptop, mobile device, tablet or desktop computer.


"Supplier" and/or "Accommodation"means our partners: St Helena hotels, gueshouses, bed & breakfasts and service providers who provide accommodation, tours and other St Helena tourism services which may be promoted or made available by us.


"Service/s" means the reservation system located at used by Suppliers to make their rooms and tourism services available so they may be reserved, booked and paid for.


"Booking Deposit" means the amount of money charged to your credit or debit card to reserve a) a room in your accommodation of choice or b) to reserve other tourism services.


"Booking Total" means the sum of (a) the rate per room per person per night notified to you on the Platform at the time of the booking or reservation. This includes any other surcharges, extras and fees which may include (but not be limited to) amounts in lieu of breakfasts, half board or full board meals, roll-out or temporary beds etc (b) the number of guests and (c) the number of nights which comprise the duration of your stay at the Accommodation.


"Foreign Exchange Commission" means the amount of money is charged by its Credit Card Processing Company for converting a foreign currency into British Pounds Sterling (£). As currency prices vary, it is not possible to know in advance the FX rate which will be applied to your transaction. The rate displayed online at various sites such as Open Exchange Rates is the mid-market rate: the average between the prices at which people are buying and selling the currency. The actual exchange rate includes markups from financial institutions. Funds are usually converted at 2% above the daily mid-market rate.


"Force Majeure" means any event or act which can be considered an act of God (including but not limited to hurricane, flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, natural disaster etc) act of man (including but not limited to war, strike, explosion, hostilities, riot, crime, terrorism etc ), act of parliament (including but not limited to an order or request from any national or port authority or government regulation or intervention etc) and any other impersonal events or occurrences (including but not limited to closing of airports, transportation facilities, delays and emergencies) making it impossible or illegal for Guests to travel to the Accommodation for the check-in date or to leave the Accommodation before the check-out date.


  1. The Service

    1. Our role as agent

      1. When you make a booking or reservation at, you enter into a legally binding arrangement with one of our Suppliers.

      2. In the period prior to (and at the time) your booking or reservation is confirmed by us in email, our role is solely to act as an agency or intermediary between you and the Supplier.

      3. We notify the Supplier of your reservation details, confirm availability with them and send you a confirmation of bookng on their behalf.

      4. You accept that we have no further obligations beyond this process. At this point most of our Suppliers will contact you directly.

    2. About the information we supply

      1. When you use our Service you can access and browse information which is provided to us by our Suppliers.

      2. While all reasonable care is taken to ensure the accuracy of this information in the performance of our Service which we provide in good faith, we do not make any claims about the accuracy of the specific details relating to such information.

      3. We cannot guarantee that all details of accommodation and/or other services provided on our platform are correct and free from errors.

      4. You accept that it is the responsibility of our Suppliers to ensure the veracity of any and all information which we display and promote on their behalf.

      5. You accept that any errors or omissions found on our Platform are not legally binding.

      6. We make no claims, recommendations or endorsements relating to the quality of the accommodations, rooms or facilities provided or the service levels offered by our Suppliers.

      7. Although it is in our interests to maintain the Service to a high standard, you accept that there may be downtime due to maintenance or upgrades and/or Service outages which may be beyond our control but which we will seek to rectify as soon as possible. You accept that in such (or other) circumstances there may be delays and/or inaccuracies in the timely provision of information and/or communications.

    3. Non-commercial use

      1. The Service is provided for personal use only. Therefore, you are not authorised to extract, copy or scrape any data whether in the form of images, text or video from our Platform.

      2. You accept that  under no circumstances will you use data from our Platform for any commercial purpose whether for research or for competitive activities.

  2. Prices

    1.'s Suppliers guarantee that any room advertised on the Service cannot be found cheaper elsewhere.

    2. The prices shown on our Platform are provided directly by our Suppliers. From time to time they may be subject to change depending on the commercial needs of our Suppliers.

    3. Some cheaper room rates may be displayed by our Suppliers from time to time. For example, they may offer discounts for extended stays and/or weekend rates and/or seasonal rates. Therefore, depending on your stay criteria it may be possibe for room rates to vary throughout the year.

    4. When cheaper room rates are displayed, these may also be accompanied by special conditions which can be found in the respective Supplier's Terms & Conditions in the Conditions of Booking found here.

    5. All individual room rates shown are inclusive of local taxes and are shown per person per room per night.

  3. Reservations

    1. Rooms are reserved only after a 25% reservation fee (the Booking Deposit) has been paid and a booking confirmation received. This charge is calculated as a percentage of the total amount (Booking Total) due in respect of the room rate for the entire duration of your stay specified at the time of booking. Unless and until the Booking Deposit has been paid all rooms will remain available for booking by other customers using the Service.

    2. If you are paying in a currency other than British Pounds Sterling (£) will incur a foreign exchange charge from the Credit Card Processing Company (Foreign Exchange Commission). This will be deducted by the Credit Card Processing Company from the Booking Deposit paid on the Platform. Therefore, will receive your Booking Deposit paid minus the Foreign Exchange Commission. For your convenience, this will be added to your bill at the time of check-out at the accommodation. If you would prefer to not pay the Foreign Exchange Commission, please make arrangements for the Booking Deposit to be paid in British Pounds Sterling (£).

    3. When you check-out at the end of your stay at the accommodation you agree to pay (in British Pounds Sterling (£)) the remaining 75% of the balance due for the cost of the room, the Foreign Exchange Commission (if applicable) and any additional charges incurred during the course of your stay which may include but not be limited to internet usage, telephone, laundry, additional meals, mini bar use etc.

    4. In the event of a no-show or cancellation, the Booking Deposit is subject to the Conditions of Booking and the respective Supplier's Terms & Conditions found here.

  4. Force Majeure, flight delays and/or cancellations

    1. If your trip is interrupted by Force Majeure or flight delays and/or cancellations, making it impossible for you to travel to the Accommodation for the check-in date or causing you to leave the Accommodation before the check-out date you accept that a) neither or the Supplier is obliged to refund the Booking Deposit or Booking Total (or portion thereof) except provided for in the Conditions of Booking and the respective Supplier's Terms & Conditions found here and b) it is your responsibility to take out travel insurance which contains cover for the mitigation and remedy of all risks associated with Force Majeure, flight delay and/or cancellation.

  5. Security & Payment Methods

    1. has been enabled for HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) and has a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate. A SSL Certificate, allows you to view our site over a HTTPS connection. It secures the connection between your web browser and our site.

    2. HTTPS is the secure protocol through which your browser communicates with websites. When using websites which have not been enabled for HTTPS, any data that is transferred can potentially be accessed or manipulated by attackers. However, when using HTTPS sites, data is encrypted and authenticated and therefore secured.

    3. When you make a booking or reservation on our Platform you are asked to enter your debit or credit card details for payment of a Booking Deposit. This transaction is handled by

  6. Pre-payment, cancellation and no-show

    1. Links to the Conditions of Booking and all Suppliers' Terms & Conditions (found here) can also be found on their general accommodation description page, room description page, as part of the booking process and in the booking confirmation email.

    2. Prior to booking you should ensure that you carefully read all descriptive information on the Supplier's general accommodation description page and room description page. You should also ensure that you carefully read all the instructions provided during the booking process and the booking confirmation email.

    3. Please note that certain special rates or promotional offers may not be eligible for cancellation and/or refund of Booking Deposit. This information will be provided to you prior to and during the booking process. You accept that it is your responsibility to read and understand these policies and their implications prior to booking.

    4. Please note, a reservation or booking is not confirmed unless and until the Booking Deposit has been paid and a confirmation email issued.

    5. If you wish to change or cancel your booking after the booking has been confirmed, please follow the instructions in your booking confirmation email. Refund of Booking Deposit will be granted in accordance with the Conditions of Booking and the respective Supplier's Terms & Conditions found here.

    6. If you wish to change or cancel your booking after the booking has been confirmed you acknowledge that may incur costs levied by its Credit Card Processing Company when processing any refund of your Booking Deposit (or portion thereof) in accordance with the Conditions of Booking and the respective Supplier's Terms & Conditions found here. You agree that may deduct any such costs from your refund amount.

  7. Correspondence & Privacy

    1. By using our platform to make a booking with one of our Suppliers you accept that we may correspond with you via your contact details provided during the booking process.

    2. The UK Data Protection Act 1998 does not apply on St Helena but we are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected at all times. We will not sell, rent or otherwise provide access to your contact details to third parties.

    3. We may, from time to time, send you promotional offers relatng to St Helena which we anticipate will be of interest to you.

    4. If you do not wish to be contacted for this purpose after your stay on the island please contact us requesting that you be removed from our mailing list.

  8. Disclaimer

    1. In our performance of the Service you accept that we shall not be liable for any damages, claims, loss of revenue, profit or loss of (or damage to) goodwill or reputation arising from your use (or inability to use) or delay of use of the Platform.

    2. You accept that we shall not be liable for the action (or lack thereof) of any of our Suppliers whether wilful or accidental, in the provision and delivery of their services to you whether due to any cancellation, overbooking, strike action or Force Majeure.

    3. You accept that our Suppliers will at all times be responsible for the collection and payment of all taxes due on the amount to be paid in respect of your booking wth them.

    4. Intellectal Property Rights

      1. St Helena Hotel Bookings retains all title to and copyright interest in the look and feel and structure of the Platform including text, images, user reviews, comments and in certain instances, video. You are not entitled to extract, copy, scrape or otherwise use any data contained within the Platform whether in the form of images, text or video. You accept that in doing so (in the absence of usage permission in writing from St Helena Hotel Bookings) you will be infringing the intellectual property rights of St Helena Hotel Bookings.

  9. Interpretation and Jurisdiction

    1. In using the Service made available to you on the Platform, you accept that the General Terms & Conditions will be construed and interpreted according to St Helena laws and ordinances.

    2. You accept that any dispute arising from your use of the Service made available to you on the Platform shall be submitted only to the St Helena courts for consideration.

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